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Daniel Hodgins



License # S.0193271

As a Nevada Native, my earliest memories are of my childhood in Incline Village and spending summers on Lake Tahoe.  After moving around during my middle and high school years (Wisconsin, Florida, the Caribbean, British Columbia), I returned to my roots to attend UNR. I graduated with a BS in International Business, with a minor in economics. I’ve lived and worked in Reno ever since, and love all of the opportunities our vibrant, growing community offers. Our diverse economy is fueled by an ever growing number of companies. Combined with activities from skiing, boating, and hiking, to concerts, events, and an ever growing food scene, Northern Nevada offers something for everyone to enjoy.  

I spent many years working for large corporations in the telecommunications industry, first in sales, then in training and leadership roles.  During that time I developed a passion for creating an incredible customer experience.  The core of my philosophy is that my client should have to exert as little effort as possible to reach their real estate goals.


After watching countless friends and family find security, and even wealth, through their homes and investment properties, I recognized that real estate is the key to success. I bought my first home at 21 and have continued to grow ever since.


While I have always had a passion for real estate, it wasn’t until a friend introduced me to two things: eXp Realty and the platform, that I became a Realtor.


eXp Realty offers the freedom to focus on the clients I want to, while also providing industry leading support. No matter what my client needs, I have immediate access to the information and resources to help them.

The platform takes one of the most frustrating parts of selling and buying real estate, the offer and negotiation process, and makes it transparent and simple for everyone. It makes the bidding process visible to all parties.  But unlike many web offerings, both the buyer and seller continue to get full representation throughout the process, helping them avoid the many pitfalls of real estate. 


eXp Realty plus give me the tools I need to create an effortless customer experience for my clients.

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The friend who told me about this new brokerage model and web platform: Russell Enyart, of Enyart Homes in Sacramento.  When Russell offered his support and the support of his team, I was in! As a team, we have sold over 30 million dollars of real estate in the past year, and I have some of the best minds in the business working to make sure your listing gets the top notch marketing it deserves to get you the most value.

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Done Deal


When the market is favoring the Seller, it may seem like a slam-dunk to sell a home. But there are so many ways things can go wrong for a seller who tries to represent themselves in selling a home.


The legal aspects of the contract alone are getting harder to navigate and seller’s need a professional that can write a solid contract, protecting their interests. In this fast market, of an average of 15 days on the market, using an Agent is more likely to get a fair market value for your home, assist with qualified buyers, and make sure your investment is represented properly and sold.


  1. They have a ton of training! Buying a home requires lots of forms, reports, documents, disclosures, and other technical stuff. Agents can help you prepare an offer, advise you with contingencies, avoid costly mistakes, and delays in the process.

  2. Real Estate Agents have even more search power than you do when it comes to finding listings that fit your criteria.

  3. They know how to negotiate. It’s their job to help you be successful in this market. Knowing what to negotiate and what favors not to ask is part of their skill set.

  4. They are connected to everyone in the industry. Agents make it their job to know everyone that can possibly help in the process of buying. Mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, and more, are in their network.

  5. Whether you are buying from a friend or relative, you should have someone that has your back representing your interests. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

Daniel Hodgins Reno Realtor

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